denture repair

Toothache and other dental issues can occur at an anytime of the day, it is quite difficult for toothache to often happen at a time when the dentist is closed.  A 24 hour emergency dentist is also available for you to attend if you are suffering. You might be lucky and your own dentists might […]

When it comes to dentures you really need to have the best adhesive for dentures that is available on the market. One of the best adhesive for dentures available is Fixodent denture adhesive.  This is available in several different options like natural, mint flavor, extra strong hold etc. This denture adhesive can hold your dentures […]

If you have recently noticed that your dentures are becoming loose then you could try denture reline kits. Denture reline kits consist of powder and liquid, and when the two are combined they can be applied to the gums and an impression is made. It will then make your dentures more comfortable and a better […]

With the economy the way it is these days people have to watch what they spend, and that means watch everything they spend. If your dentures crack or a piece breaks off, you may be more inclined to consider denture repair rather than footing the replacement denture cost. Unless you have some type of insurance […]