denture cleanser

When you have spent your hard earned money on new dentures you want to look after them correctly and use the right denture cleanser, so that they will look good and last you well. There are countless reasons for adults losing their teeth and all too often it is totally unavoidable. Whatever the reasons are […]

There are many denture cleaners available and although some are perfectly safe if accidently ingested others require extremely careful use and you should follow the instructions carefully. Always heed warnings about keeping out of reach of children etc. If you are a denture wearer then you are aware that the type of debris that accumulates […]

Well, we all know that denture cleaning is very important, and that using the right denture cleaners can make sure that germs and stains are removed from false teeth. However, it seems that there is growing concern that people are not even using basic methods to keep their false teeth clean and hygienic. While some […]