What Are The Best Denture Cleaners?

There are many denture cleaners available and although some are perfectly safe if accidently ingested others require extremely careful use and you should follow the instructions carefully. Always heed warnings about keeping out of reach of children etc.

If you are a denture wearer then you are aware that the type of debris that accumulates on natural teeth also accumulates on dentures. Therefore, it is important to keep your dentures clean to eliminate the possibility of infections and bad breath.

  • Toothpaste denture cleaner is available and the denture can be cleaned in the same process as natural teeth, although not in the mouth. Use a soft bristle brush.
  • Tablet cleaners such as Polident denture cleaners and Efferdent denture cleansers are also available to clean your denture. The tablet is placed in warm or hot water with the denture, and left there according to the directions on the box of tablets. This is convenient to do when you are getting ready to take a shower or bath since the denture could be soaking while you are bathing.
  • Solutions are placed in water and dissolved in the same way you would dissolve the tablets however; you should be careful not to soak a denture that may have some metal in is. Some of the solutions are metal corrosive. Be sure to read the package before you buy and use a solution for cleaning your dentures.
  • Wipes for denture cleaning are also available and are good for removing any adhesives that may be clinging to the dentures. The wipes are not as thorough for cleaning your dentures as the other denture cleanser products. It is very good for in between cleaning.

There are other cleaners for false teeth such as the denture bath that comes equipped with a UV light that has antimicrobial properties. There are other types of machines that are made specifically for cleaning dentures such as the ultra sonic denture cleaners.

If you prefer not to use machinery or commercial denture cleaning products and preparations for cleaning your dentures then you can use homemade preparations:

  • Applying baking soda to the dentures and letting them set there for about an hour will make them shine. After an hour you can just clean them with toothpaste and a soft bristle brush. Use a soft brush to avoid scratching the dentures.
  • Another home remedy for cleaning your denture is to use vinegar. Soaking in vinegar will make the denture clean. However, if you want them clean and white then add regular household bleach to the vinegar. The denture should soak in this solution for not more than an hour.

No matter what type of false teeth or dental bridge cleaners you use or what alternative type of method you use to clean your dentures, you should be aware that cleaning the dentures is most important hygienically.

Dentures should be treated as you would treat your natural teeth as far as cleaning is concerned. In fact, dentures should be cleaned not just daily, but daily between meals as well. Clean dentures are not just good looking but they are healthy and more comfortable to wear.

You may choose one of the well known brands such as the Polident or Efferdent denture cleaners, you may want to buy the shops own brand cleaner, you may want a machine such as a sonic denture cleanser, or you may want to stick to an old fashioned remedy using cheap household products for your denture care, it’s really down to personal preference.

If you are not sure what type of denture cleaners or machinery are best for your type of denture, then talk to your dentist. Dentures are made of different types of materials and one product may be better than another for cleaning your type or denture.