Volunteer Dentist Offers Free Treatment

In certain areas where there is a clear need, a volunteer dentist will give up their own time, and do dental work free of charge. There may be a problem with poverty, no dental insurance, or simply a high number of jobless people.

Volunteer Dentist

Volunteer Dentist

A volunteer dentist is a godsend for those people who do not have dental insurance or those who can’t afford any dental treatment.

Dental treatment is so expensive if you do not have adequate insurance, and a simple filling can cost anywhere from $75 upwards. If a filling is not enough to save your teeth and you end up needing them removed, you will need to have dentures fitted.

The cost of dentures is extremely expensive, and a volunteer dentist could come in extremely useful if you can’t afford to have dentures fitted.

Some successful dental specialists decide that they will set up a free workshop, where people of all ages can attend and get free dental treatment.

If there is a free workshop coming in to your area, it would be the ideal time to get free dentures,  as dentures cost a lot of money.

Often people see dental insurance as a luxury but this is not the case, it is essential to have it.  You may have perfect teeth and you may look after them extremely well; but all it takes is one accident where you lose a tooth or teeth, and you are stuck.

Without proper dental insurance your dental bill could be colossal, and you will then have to come up with the funds to pay for it.

Sometimes there does not need to be any poverty for a volunteer dentist to do free dental work.

Recently in Wisconsin several hundred people, all of whom were either disabled, elderly, poor or uninsured, received free dental care from over 200 volunteer dentists.  Patients are assessed by a volunteer dentist, who decides whether or not they qualify and meet the criteria to have their dental treatment provided free of charge.

The average cost of treatment for a patient of the Donated Dental Service is almost $3,000.  Without this free treatment from a volunteer dentist their life would be a misery. One particular patient waited almost 20 years for treatment and went all that time with no teeth.

Often people are faced with the choice of buying groceries or visiting a dentist. Obviously they choose to buy groceries and suffer the pain of toothache; because they simply can’t afford to buy food and get their teeth fixed on their low budget.

Millions of people are suffering from bad breath due to rotten teeth. But they do not have the option to sort out their dental problems, because they can’t afford to.  This is where a clinic offering free dentistry is ideal.

As dental treatment is so expensive, when there is an offer free dental treatment there is usually a limited number of spaces available.

It’s true that in these tough financial times people will queue for days, to make sure they are seen by a volunteer dentist.