VIOlight Dental Spa

Everybody including denture wearers would like that fresh feeling you get when you have just been to the dentist well now you can with the VIOlight dental spa.

This denture cleaner uses UV light and sonic power to clean and sanitize your dentures and make them feel brand new.

For years people have used denture cleaners and tablets to clean their false teeth but that can become a thing of the past with this brand new piece of technology.

The VIOlight dental spa is small and compact enough to take in your luggage when you go on vacation and as it only takes a five minute cycle to clean your dentures you will still have all day to catch the sun.

You only need to fill the cup inside with ordinary water, close the lid and your dentures will be fresh and clean in a matter of minutes.

Also available is the VIOlight toothbrush sanitizer. This is another fantastic invention it will clean and get rid of 99% of bacteria and germs on up to four toothbrushes at the same time. It can also be used to clean electric toothbrush heads.

Every member of the households toothbrushes are catered for from kids to adults. They will be clean in a germ free in a few minutes. Simply brush your teeth, rinse your brush and pop it into the sanitizer and switch it on the bacteria and germs will be quickly eradicated.

Sonic cleaning uses ultrasound to clean many different things including jewelry and watches, but probably the best sonic cleaner is the dental spa.

For decades people who wear dentures have had to follow a ritual of removing their false teeth before bed and soaking them overnight in a solution. In recent years tablets were introduced that cleaned dentures in half an hour.

Special paste had to be used to brush them as ordinary toothpaste contains abrasives which are harmful to your dentures, but now with a VIOlight dental spa cleaner you don’t need to.

You will be amazed at how clean your dentures are when they have been cleaned in the spa even debris too small for the eye to see will be removed.

Not only are they excellent for your dentures they will also clean mouth guards, retainers any other orthodontic product.

Probably the best thing you could buy this year is a VIOlight dental spa so go and get yours today at the best available price here>>> Violight Vio300 Dental Spa