The Top Four Foods For Healthy Teeth & Gums

Research has revealed a list of foods that help keep your teeth healthy.

The Top Four Foods For Healthy Teeth & GumsEven if you have full dentures you can still protect your gums, therefore helping to prevent gum irritation and sores.

If you have dental crowns or veneers fitted it’s important to keep the gums healthy, and look after any remaining natural teeth.

Here are four easily available foods that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.


For those people who ‘have a sweet tooth’, raisins offer a naturally sweet taste without tons of added sugar. They are said to contain natural phytochemicals which actually fight plaque.


Chewing a nice juicy sweet apple is not only tasty, but it helps remove plaque from the teeth and gum area. Again, apples are sweet without the huge calorie and sugar content of a candy bar.


Not only do carrots have the same beneficial effects as apples for healthy gums, but they are full of vitamins too.

Unsweetened Cranberries

For those people who don’t necessarily like everything sweet, cranberries are a great alternative. The anti-inflammatory properties of the cranberries are also said to reduce swelling of gums.

Gums play a vital part in helping to protect the teeth. Indeed, gum disease ultimately leads to more frequent tooth loss.

Gum irritation is very common in denture wearers.

Keeping the mouth healthy, regularly brushing your teeth and cleaning your dentures is vital, but if eating tasty fresh foods will help then why not go for it?