The Dentist’s Needle Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

There are not too many people that look forward to visiting the dentist, especially if it’s for treatment that requires the dentist to use the needle to administer anaesthetic.

The Dentist’s Needle Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past!

The Dentist’s Needle Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past!

In fact, a survey done by Sydney University has found that women in their forties were …

… most likely to have a “perceived traumatic dental experience” that rendered them incapable of having a filling, extraction or even a routine check-up without general anesthetic or other sedation.

Women were more likely to be predisposed to dental anxiety — even if they hadn’t had a bad experience in the chair (source).

But things could be about to change in the near future … and for everbody.

A new gel, from the Acmella Oleracea plant from Peru, could soon be in use. Instead of the dentist using a needle, the anaesthetic gel would just be rubbed on your gums – this must put everyone at ease who have a phobia of needles, including those women in their 40s who are apparently worse affected by the trauma of a visit to the dentists.

The plant has been used by tribes for hundreds of years for treating toothache, etc., and has just now come to light in the western world after a Cambridge University researcher, Dr Françoise Barbira Freedman, spent some time living with the Keshwa Lamas tribe in the Amazon rainforest.

Dr Françoise Barbira Freedman said:

The plant, which works by blocking nerve endings to provide a numbing effect lasting more than an hour, had proved successful in early stage clinical trials with no apparent side effects and positive feedback from patients. It could be brought to the market as early as 2014 (source).

It’s unsure at this point in time what affect this wonderful breakthrough will have on the cost of dentures, implants, tooth extractions, cosmetic dentistry, etc., but we’re sure it will be well received by everyone!