Forget A Facelift – Get New Dentures

As you get older and lose your teeth the shape of your face changes. You can find that your cheeks start sagging or sinking in places, and this has an aging effect on our appearance.

Forget A Facelift - Get New Dentures

Forget A Facelift - Get New Dentures

Many people, especially women, turn to the plastic surgeon to solve their problems. They undergo lengthy cosmetic surgery, which often includes having cheek implants or a major facelift.

However, there is an alternative when the cause is missing teeth or old loose dentures, and the alternative is FaceLift dentures.

The Richmond Smile Center in Richmond Virginia provides FaceLift dentures, which are said to fit better than other dentures.

These new dentures are also said to provide underlying support to the face, which has the effect of reducing the sunken look that is common when teeth are missing.

The Richmond Smile Center was founded by Dr. Charles W. Martin, and he and his team specialize in much more than traditional dentures. They offer a service tailored to your own needs.

Experience the New, Amazing Non-Surgical Facelift. The astonishing FaceLift dentures work to restore and smooth the jaw line. With traditional dentures, the face can sag and look aged. At the Richmond Smile Center, we design new smiles to fit the natural beauty and structure of the face.

Dr. Charles Martin has the touch of an artist, so every patient will feel more relaxed and leave feeling more beautiful and confident. Now, a personal Fountain of Youth can be found at the Richmond Smile Center.

Dr. Martin and his entire team want to help restore every smile to full health and beauty. The complimentary FaceLift consultation allows free exploration of the amazing impact this technology can have (source).

Who wouldn’t want to get the best dentures they can find? Who wouldn’t want to look better, eat better, and feel better?

Old false teeth can fit badly as the gums change shape as we get older. We end up relying on denture adhesive or denture relining to solve the problem of badly fitting dentures.

But maybe the answer is to choose new dentures that have been specifically designed to fit the contours of your mouth.

You can find out more details about FaceLift dentures here: Dr. Charles W. Martin, Richmond Smile Center, 804-320-6800