Is Your Dentist Legal?

You might think that all dentists are legally registered, and that if something goes wrong you are covered.

Is Your Dentist LegalSome people find that the person, to whom they handed over their money, does not provide the goods.

The latest incident in Salem, Oregon, left two people hundreds of dollars lighter and without their new teeth.

A local denture maker is in some hot water after two people went to him for help, but never got their new teeth (source).

In the Salem case, a man purporting to be a retired denturist offered cut price dentures to two cash strapped residents. However, while they handed over the cash the false teeth never appeared.

You should always make sure that the dentist you visit is registered.

If you fail to get your new dentures or you aren’t satisfied with your treatment or dental products, you could take legal action against your dental clinic or practitioner i.e. sue your dentist.

However, if you are offered a ‘cut price deal’ for dentures through an unofficial or unregistered source, you could be counting the cost.

The authorities are investigating the Salem case, but would you want to remain toothless or have to fight for your money back?

Worse still, handing over cash to an unofficial denture supplier could mean that you have no proof that a transaction ever took place!

Shop around for low cost dentures, by all means, but make sure you use a qualified dentist or denture clinic.