Free Dental Treatment Is Really Available!

There are many charitable organizations helping men and women get the dental treatment they need. Different charities offer different levels of help, and while some offer fillings and checkups, others offer many more treatments and procedures.

Free Dental Treatment

Free Dental Treatment

Dental costs can be just too much for some people to cope with, and with the costs of dentures being out of many people’s reach, it is vitally important that everyone does their bit to help the charities continue their valuable work.

The Upper Room Mission has been doing all they can to assist men and women to get the treatment they need. Run by people who are sincere in their wishes to help those who really need it, they continually spend their time fundraising in order that their help may continue.

Some are driven to help other by their own life experiences, whilst for others it is a single event that motivates them to do something that will make a difference.

Bev Henke realized there was a desperate need for free dental treatment after one particular event.

What started me getting involved was one of our guests came in with a pair of pliers in her hand and she had pulled her tooth, only she had pulled the wrong tooth.

Many people make judgments about others, insisting that everyone should make financial preparation for dental costs, etc. However, thankfully not everyone has this way of thinking, and some individuals refuse to pass judgment on the people they are helping to get free dental work.

Susan Roth, who is a certified dental assistant has very strong feelings when it comes to passing judgment on others.

I believe that every human being is entitled to dental work without judgment as to why they need the dental work.

I believe that if they have disability coverage then that should be enough to cover all their costs because of a story that I don’t need to know about (source).

In these days when we are all feeling the pinch, it’s nice to know that there are still people out there, including volunteer dentists who give up their time so generously to help others in need. For more details, call Henke at 250-549-1231 or e-mail Roth at