Discount Dentures Are Available

If you need to have dentures fitted do not assume they are going to be very expensive there are discount dentures available.  If you do not have dental insurance you will be able to get them at an affordable price.

Discount Dentures

Discount Dentures

The cost of dentures is determined by what type of dentures they are, for instance a partial denture is going to cost you much less than a full denture etc.  When looking for an affordable dentist in your area ensure you read all of the reviews beforehand.

A partial denture is made from either Acrylic or Cast Metal.  The cast metal version is much stronger and is probably the best type of partial denture, the Acrylic ones are much cheaper but they are much more bulky.  The Acrylic denture is usually available the same day.

A full denture is made in many different ways.  Economy or discount dentures are the cheapest type available.  They are usually made in the onsite laboratory the same day as you have your teeth extracted.

Custom dentures are slightly more expensive and are made to resemble your natural teeth.  These dentures are sometimes made before you have your teeth extracted.

The most expensive type of dentures is premium dentures.  These are made out of expensive materials and look more like natural teeth than any other denture.  The material used is totally stain resistant.

The majority of dentists offer low cost dentures for seniors.  If you think you are eligible then speak to your dentist, they are always there to help.  Most dental surgeries offer discount dentures for seniors.

Where at all possible you should really look into dental insurance, they will save you a lot of money in the long term.  Some denture plans offer as much as 50% help towards the cost of your dentures.

If you have a phobia of dentists and you let your dental health suffer it can lead to serious consequences, a minor gum infection can lead to tooth loss which is not nice for anyone.  Many dental surgeons are taught to deal with patients with a phobia and can help you get the treatment you need or if you prefer you can look for a dental surgery that specializes in patients with phobias.

Regardless of what age you are when you lose your teeth and regardless of what reason you have for losing your teeth discount dentures are available.