DIY Denture Repair Vs A Professional Fix

With the economy the way it is these days people have to watch what they spend, and that means watch everything they spend. If your dentures crack or a piece breaks off, you may be more inclined to consider denture repair rather than footing the replacement denture cost.

Denture Repair

Denture Repair

Unless you have some type of insurance plan or savings, denture fees can be quite crippling.

It’s not just dental treatment in general that’s going up, but it’s the cost of dentures that keeps on rising like everything else.

It is usually for financial reasons that people are turning to making their false teeth last much longer than they would have in the past.

Men and women may put their dentures into the laboratory for denture repair even though they don’t fit so well anymore, simply to save the extra expense of buying new teeth.

False teeth can be repaired quite well these days, and a good repair will be done so no one will notice. Special materials are used during the repair to avoid leaving a weak spot where the teeth were damaged.

There has also been an increase in denture repair kits which can be used at home. These kits include the necessary glue to do the repair yourself. It has been known for people to use all sorts of glues for denture repairs to mend their false teeth, but this is never recommended.

Some glue may be toxic, while other types can lose their effectiveness when met by heat. These are just a few of the reasons why you should not attempt to use a glue to repair dentures that was not specifically designed for that purpose. Special denture glues will be made from ingredients that are safe to use on false teeth.

One problem people frequently have when fixing their dentures at home, is that they don’t line up the two areas properly. Most of the denture repair glues are pretty fast acting, so if you haven’t got the two pieces line up correctly and the glue sets, your false teeth will be glue together in a crooked position.

If this were to happen and you glued your teeth back together wrong, you may then need to take your dentures to a clinic and hope that they could undo your incorrect denture repair and fix the teeth in the proper position. If they were unable to do this, then you could find yourself having to pay for a new denture instead.

So, if you are one of the many people who want to save on money and repair your teeth yourself, make sure you take your time. Get everything prepared in advance. Read the denture repair kit instructions carefully and make sure you understand them. Practice the repair procedure a couple of times without actually using the glue.

When you are satisfied that you know what you are doing go ahead and glue your dentures.

Unless you are in a position to qualify for free dental work then you will need to weigh up the cost of a professional repair versus a DIY kit. Once repaired make sure you store your false teeth carefully. Many people are choosing to use a discreet storage box such as the denture vault.

Whether you decide to seek professional denture repair or you just want to buy a do it yourself kit, a good repair can often make your false teeth almost as good as new. But sooner or later you may need to consider replacing your dentures.