Denture Cleaning: The Dangers Of Not Cleaning Dentures Thoroughly

Well, we all know that denture cleaning is very important, and that using the right denture cleaners can make sure that germs and stains are removed from false teeth.

However, it seems that there is growing concern that people are not even using basic methods to keep their false teeth clean and hygienic.

While some men and women simply run their dentures under a cold tap once in a while, others don’t even bother doing that. If they do remove their teeth, they simply lay them down on any surface, whether it’s clean or dirty!

Studies are linking dirty dentures and bad oral hygiene to a number of illnesses, some of which are very serious.

When the bacteria in the mouth multiply it forms a biofilm. Biofilms are layers that attach themselves to an area. As the bacteria grow and the biofilms spread they can start to create symptoms.

Even the MRSA bacterial infection, which is causing so many problems these days, has been found to be lurking in the mouth of some denture wearers. The major problem with MRSA is that it is so difficult to treat as it is resistant to many types of antibiotics.

It is so much easier to make sure your mouth and dentures are cleaned thoroughly, than it is to fight the germs and bacteria that bad oral hygiene can cause.

Concern about biofilms on dentures is growing as researchers continue to identify links between oral bacteria and heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, and respiratory diseases, including aspiration pneumonia (source).

Some people might call it scaremongering; and while most men and women won’t ever get a serious disease, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Using a good denture cleanser that kills germs is a good idea. Also, the dental spa is becoming ever more popular as it allows UV light and sonic power to thoroughly clean the dentures.

Cleaning your dentures is not just about having shiny teeth or fresh smelling breath; it’s now about protecting your overall health too.