Should You Get Your Dental Treatment Abroad?

Many people these days are deciding to get their dental treatment abroad at a fraction of the cost.  For example in the USA the cost of dentures ranges from $300-$2,500 whereas if you travel to India or Thailand your dental treatment will cost you a third of the price.

Dental Treatment Abroad

Dental Treatment Abroad

Just because they are low cost dentures you will still receive the same high service as you would expect to receive back home.

Another example of why people prefer to get their dental treatment abroad is in the US you can pay anything from $750 upwards for a crown but if you travel to India you will only pay $80 even after you add up your travel expenses you will still be paying significantly less.

Travelling to different countries to have dental treatment can have severe consequences if you don’t do your research before you decide where you wish to go.  There are so many different countries offering treatment that it is extremely important that you check the company out before you travel.  For instance in certain countries the dentist does not need as much training to become qualified as he/she would in other countries.

Cosmetic dentistry abroad is also becoming increasingly popular with hundreds of people each year deciding to not only have a summer vacation but to get their teeth whitened etc while they are there.

Getting porcelain veneers is probably the most popular cosmetic procedure that people choose to travel abroad for.  Not only will it save you money it is also done in much less time than it would take back home.

Some companies even include your flights and accommodation in with the total price often saving you even more money.  They will also guarantee their work for five years meaning if it cracks you are entitled to a free replacement.

As dental insurance does not cover elective procedures many people decide to have cosmetic dental treatment done in a different country with Mexico and El Salvador being two of the most popular places that people travel to.

If you are considering teeth whitening abroad then you should consider travelling to Prague.  It is located in central Europe and treatment there is often much more affordable than anywhere else.

When you have dental treatment abroad problems can occur the same as they can in this country so before you decide to have dental treatment abroad make sure you weigh up all the pros and cons.