The Most Common Dental Questions About Dentures

When someone is told they need dentures, they will probably have a host of dental questions for their dentist. Some questions can be very simply answered, whilst others are a little more complicated to explain.

Dental Questions

Dental Questions

Probably the first question they want to be answered will concern the cost of dentures. While some people are on a strict budget and every cent counts, for others money is no object at all.

Many people don’t have dental cover and will be concerned about whether they can afford the dentist’s bill.

Where money is not an issue, their questions will be somewhat different. They will be more concerned about the aesthetics, and it is this type of patient who will be more inclined to consider cosmetic treatment; even replacing teeth that are still in fairly good condition.

There are many different types of dentures, so they may well want to know some of their options. They might want to consider permanent teeth and will need to ask dental questions about whether they are suitable for the permanent type or not.

Of course there are also dental health questions relating to the after care of the new dentures; how to care for them, what to clean them with and the best ways to keep them clean etc.

The answers to the ‘after care’ dental questions will largely depend on what types of dentures are involved.

The removable types of false teeth require different care than the permanent type.

There are certain types of cleaners that are not suitable for putting in your mouth, and these are used for removable dentures. The products will need to be thoroughly rinsed before putting the teeth back in.

On the other hand, permanently fixed teeth are generally treated like your natural teeth. Toothpastes, cleaners, and dental floss will probably be used, although certain products may be specifically recommended by the dental hygienist or dentist.

Dental insurance questions are also very common. There are so many different types of health cover, and while some of them cover all dental treatment, others have exclusions.

It is so important to check an individual health insurance policy before commencing dental treatment. Otherwise you could find yourself landed with a large bill for huge dental fees, at the end of the treatment.

There may also be dental questions regarding payment plans. Many dentists now offer payment plans to cover the large expenses that build up. This allows the patient to have necessary treatment, and then pay for that treatment in set installments. However, the dentist is generally under no obligation to provide such facilities.

There may also be queries in relation to charities that can help with the costs of dental work. There are certain organizations that will help with treatment that is considered to be necessary. Naturally, this will not run to paying for non essential cosmetic dental work.

There are many things to consider when you realize that you need to have some form of dentures fitted. There are so many questions that are buzzing around your head, but if you take a little time and make a few notes, a good dentist will do all he or she can to have all of those dental questions answered.