Are Your Dental Fees Covered?

If you have taken out dental insurance you may not be aware that some dental fees won’t be covered for example if you need a filling but opt for a composite filling your insurance may only cover an amalgam filling therefore you will need to pay the remaining balance.

Dental Fees

Dental Fees

As dental fees without insurance can be very expensive before you take out an insurance policy ensure you read the small print and find out what dental fees are covered and what aren’t.

You may have recently found out that you need to have dentures fitted and the cost of dentures varies greatly depending on what type of dentures you need.

As dentures are expensive you may be tempted to search for cheap dentures but be very careful as they may not be as good quality as the expensive ones.

The first president of the American Dental Association was William Henry Atkinson when it was founded in 1859. Before he became interested in dentistry he was a physician but he was more interested in the opportunities dentistry had to offer.

Since it was founded there have been 143 presidents each of whom were the best in their profession.

The ADA has over 150,000 members and is the leading source of information for dentists and patients.

Years ago before anesthetic was used patients were put through agony when they had dental work.  If a tooth needed to be extracted it would be done so using a dental pelican. This was used to lever the tooth out sideways causing severe pain and discomfort to the patient.

Years later the pelican was replaced by the dental key. It was modeled on a door key and it would be inserted into the mouth horizontally and turned until the tooth became loose but this would often result in the tooth being damaged and could even fracture the jaw.  Eventually in the 19th Century forceps totally replaced the use of the key it was also in then that anesthesia was first used.

Over the years dental charges have increased significantly with them tripling in the 1980’s, because of this many people who don’t have sufficient cover will avoid going to the dentist which can have severe consequences.

Before you visit you next visit your dentist, make sure you are not going to be hit with unexpected expensive dental fees.