Orthodontic News

Orthodontic News

Sedation dentistry is becoming more common these days, as it gives anxious patients the ability to have their treatment done. Many men and women can suffer for years with toothache and tooth decay, simply because they have a major fear of the dentist. As a result, by the time they finally get to see a […]

As you get older and lose your teeth the shape of your face changes. You can find that your cheeks start sagging or sinking in places, and this has an aging effect on our appearance. Many people, especially women, turn to the plastic surgeon to solve their problems. They undergo lengthy cosmetic surgery, which often […]

We all know that dentures don’t remain well fitting forever. Time, the aging process, and extra teeth being removed, can all lead to loose fitting dentures. You might have tried every denture glue and dental adhesive on the market. You might have struggled to find the best adhesive for dentures, or maybe you don’t like […]

There are many charitable organizations helping men and women get the dental treatment they need. Different charities offer different levels of help, and while some offer fillings and checkups, others offer many more treatments and procedures. Dental costs can be just too much for some people to cope with, and with the costs of dentures […]

There are not too many people that look forward to visiting the dentist, especially if it’s for treatment that requires the dentist to use the needle to administer anaesthetic. In fact, a survey done by Sydney University has found that women in their forties were … … most likely to have a “perceived traumatic dental […]