Orthodontic News

Orthodontic News

Many people struggle to find the funds to pay for dental treatment. Now many dental clinics are offering free treatment days for those in need. Free treatment for veterans is also offered at some clinics, so long as they can provide proof of their military service. This offer of free dental treatment will provide great […]

You may think that keeping your teeth healthy just means cleaning them properly, but you’d be wrong. Of course regularly cleaning or flossing your teeth is vital to keep them healthy, but top dentists say that there are other things that can help too. Here are three simple things that can help you keep your […]

Research has revealed a list of foods that help keep your teeth healthy. Even if you have full dentures you can still protect your gums, therefore helping to prevent gum irritation and sores. If you have dental crowns or veneers fitted it’s important to keep the gums healthy, and look after any remaining natural teeth. […]

You might think that all dentists are legally registered, and that if something goes wrong you are covered. Some people find that the person, to whom they handed over their money, does not provide the goods. The latest incident in Salem, Oregon, left two people hundreds of dollars lighter and without their new teeth. A […]

When you have spent your hard earned money on new dentures you want to look after them correctly and use the right denture cleanser, so that they will look good and last you well. There are countless reasons for adults losing their teeth and all too often it is totally unavoidable. Whatever the reasons are […]