What Are The Cost Of Dentures

The cost of dentures varies depending on your location and the amount of dental work required, but also because there are so many different types of dentures available.

Cost Of Dentures

Cost Of Dentures

The cost of full dentures will depend on the materials used, from the most basic cheap dentures, using acrylic, up to the implant retained dentures which are a more permanent solution.

You even have the option to make your own false teeth, which keeps the cost down to a minimum.

A partial denture will obviously be less expensive than a full set, but again, with partials you have a choice of materials used for both style and comfort.

So how much are dentures, roughly? Well, as a rough guide you can expect to pay anywhere from around $1,000, for a full set of false teeth. So, a top or bottom plate is likely to cost from around $500. Then you have the dental partial, which can contain a varying amount of teeth, and therefore the price of a partial will depend on how many false teeth are required.

There are dental clinics that specialize in offering many types of dentures, starting with the budget line, and ending with the more expensive options such as soft or cosmetic dentures. Some offer dentures within a day, while others can even offer dentures in an hour.

You may see a regular dentist, or perhaps be referred to a prosthodontist. This is partly due to the fact that dental implantation and other procedures often required someone more used to doing such treatments.

Traditionally people of wealth chose to have gold and silver incorporated into their teeth, and precious metals continue to be requested by some patients, in denture implants and crowns.

These features will also add to the final price of the dental work. A gold crown could cost well in excess of $1,000, depending on size and the price of gold. There are cheap alternatives such as cosmetic crowns, but these are not custom made to fit, and are for ornamental effect.

In order to provide affordable dentures, most dentists offer a range of teeth in acrylic and similar plastic. There may be little or no choice in the color of the teeth. As the cost of dentures rises, there becomes more choice of both materials and color matching, along with other things too.

Soft flexible dentures are a popular choice, especially among patients who have trouble with mouth pain or ulcers from false teeth rubbing on the delicate tissue. This option is particularly suitable for those wearing full dentures, as movement can cause friction sores.

Another solution to avoid slack teeth would be permanent dentures, which can be fixed in place via pins, posts, or screws, which are generally made from titanium. The answer to how much do permanent dentures cost, is the same as all other dental work. It will vary according to location, materials, etc.

Where a patient has not had all of the teeth extracted, they will have more choice of the false teeth they wish to have. Cosmetic dentistry deals with many options to replace missing teeth, from crowns and dental bridges to custom designed overdentures.

The cost of cosmetic dentures may often be higher due to the extra work involved, materials used and location. Porcelain teeth may be used instead of acrylic, etc.

If you have a dental insurance policy, you would be advised to check whether it covers cosmetic work, or just the basic essential work and products.

When partial false teeth are necessary, but adjoining natural teeth are less than perfect, cosmetic work might involve using dental bonding, veneers, or crowns at the same time as being fitted for dentures. Having all work done at the same time allows better matching for color and style. Therefore, this will add to the final costs. You can get an estimate of costs before beginning your treatment, so there are no nasty surprises.

Another option, where some natural teeth remain, is to have a fixed dental bridge held in place by using a crown (cap) to support the bridge.

Financing your dental treatment can be a concern, and many dental clinics now offer payment plans. These are especially useful if you are uninsured, or have limited dental cover.

The High Cost Of Dentures

Although false teeth dentures were once only affordable by the wealthy, today they are less expensive in real terms. Today, dental plans enable many more patients to be treated. For the people on very low income, some charities offer assistance with free false teeth, while dentistry hospitals may provide low cost options in exchange for students having practical experience by treating you.

Another thing that may add to the cost is having same day dentures treatment. However, you have to compare the fact that there is no need for a long period of dental appointments, because from start to finish you have any required teeth pulled, and dentures in a day.

Denture implants and single implanted teeth can be used to fill tooth gaps, and this work is more detailed than traditional false teeth. Therefore, it will involve additional costs, although all prices should be discussed before undergoing cosmetic dental work.

A single crown might start at around $600, and a dental bridge with two implants might cost upwards of $5,000. Compare this to an implant supported overdenture, which may cost upwards of $25,000, and you can clearly see there are vast differences between a bridge as opposed to top and bottom dental implant dentures.

Deciding which is the best type of denture for you will be the first step. Dentures cost may be the deciding factor, but if money is not an issue then a consultation will allow you to discover your options. If finances are an issue, then you will have to decide if it’s worth travelling to another state or even country to get cheaper treatment. Alternatively, you could opt for a budget option nearer to home, or even a diy denture solution.

Getting new dentures involves a varying amount of work; no two patients are exactly the same or have exactly the same requirements. Therefore, the cost of dentures can only ever be a guide, until you visit a dentist to get precise figures.